The rapid development of construction in Indonesia demanded an increase in the development and participation of various profession and business disciplines. We realize that the success of development is determined by maturity, precision and excellence in the following areas:   Study, survey and research Planning and design Methods and control implementation   PT. CIPTA PRIMA SEJAHTERA engaged in the business services engineering consultancy services since 11 May 2002, have been developing and improving capabilities in the above areas, which include the following:

  1. Planning and Design
    • - Architecture
    • - Structure
    • - Mechanical, electrical and plumbing
    • - Interior
    • - Master plan
  2. Construction Management and Supervision of Construction
  3. Feasibility Study and Quantity Surveyor
  4. Mapping and Research
  PT. CIPTA PRIMA SEJAHTERA determined to provide optimum service at every opportunity of cooperation/ assignment entrusted by the assignor.